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Paul's career spans technical, sales and marketing. He's worked for consulting, technology and communications companies. His specialises in innovation: guiding companies to adapt to new approaches, overcome inertia and improve sales.
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Tool Tip - OrgChartHub - Account Planning assistance

Posted by Paul Rosham on 07/09/2018 12:02:00 PM

Attention: B2B Selling Teams that need to manage several stakeholders in an account or deal.

When what you are selling involves a large transaction and lots of people (we'll call that a big, complex sale), great sales managers want to see a great sales plan.

But, that can take a lot of time to get right and keep up to date.

Building an accurate picture of all the people that can influence your deal is hard.

When your team and manager need to see it (or update it) there's a nightmare brewing.  And as soon as it gets tricky, with shared documents that sit outside your CRM (where the deal notes and all of the contacts live), then it is doomed to failure.

I have seen this over and over again.

So I was really happy to find a tool, last year, from Dan Currin at OrgChartHub. He's a really nice guy, but also a Certified HubSpot developer partner, which means a lot when you're attaching software to your CRM data.  In fact, other people are sitting up and taking notice, like the Craig and Ian at the HubShots podcast (see Shot #7)!

Why would you want this?

If you are selling a simple product to a single buyer that can buy from your website, then STOP READING NOW before you waste any more time.

But, if your team is

  • managing a large $$ sale into a large company
  • there is a 3-6 month sales cycle
  • there are lots of people to connect with and meet
  • you need time to develop rapport and discover who likes you, who hates you and who's blocking you (just so you don't make them learn new stuff)

then you need to manage multiple relationships as a part of you sales planning.

VP of Sales says: "That's what I'm talking about!"

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How you can use a CRM to fix your broken sales process

Posted by Paul Rosham on 05/03/2018 8:29:00 PM

Over time, companies can lose their way in sales.

"We have a CRM!" they exclaim, "We just need more quality leads that we can sell to - it's as simple as that!".

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3 ways to conserve your sales brain power

Posted by Paul Rosham on 19/01/2018 4:00:01 PM

Improving any part of your business demands both learning and practice.

But there's only so much attention that you can give to a project while you keeping sales rolling in.

So a good place to start to conserve your brain power is to standardise your "sales process", so that it demands less conscious thought, freeing you up for a more creative approach.

That's what we advise clients embarking on a journey to grow sales revenue.

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Coaching your sellers to success

Posted by Paul Rosham on 15/12/2017 4:00:00 PM

Sorry to descend into the old sports cliché: it's hardly news that coaching and teamwork feature heavily when it comes to getting better performance out of salespeople.

I've spoken to quite a few business owners and sales managers in technology companies over the years (and I've been a salesperson as well) - there's a common thread when it comes to performance problems.

What symptoms are you looking for?

  • Competitive deals that are "low-profit", loss leaders
  • Opportunities that take forever to close
  • Lack of effective appointments - no clear outcomes
So,  Coach, what do you do? Pile on the pressure and go out on meetings together, show them how it's done? Fire and rehire in hope of someone better?

Of course, if it's all clear to you, then your salespeople should be good enough to create a sales process that fits with exactly what you are thinking.

And the rest of the team should get it, too, intuitively. Right? Wrong... not unless you write it down and work on it as a team, in a playbook.

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What's wrong with your sales and marketing approach?

Posted by Paul Rosham on 05/12/2017 11:00:00 AM

Technology companies are faced with huge changes.  Customers need different solutions and want to purchase in different ways.  Your costs can be large, when you retrain staff to deal with new products and solutions. Your niche may be disappearing, forcing you out of your comfort zone.

You have a dilemma - chase new customers for growth, or just stick with loyal clients that know you?

Many of you rely on a steady flow of business from existing customers; better to "land and expand" your wallet share, with less competitive pressure. Maybe.

Often (well, most of the time), you only get new business by referral: from your happy users and business partners. It can be a bit hit and miss: many customers don't really understand what you do, so they end  up referring you to "bad-fit" leads - a sinkhole for misdirected sales effort.

A definite first step is understanding from your clients you "value proposition" and getting them to put some numbers behind it. 

As an important background task, you still need to attract new prospects so that you can grow.

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SMARKETING - Smart Marketing or Sales and Marketing?

We think both

Without sales, marketing achieves nothing. And without marketing, you'll either kill your salespeople, or you'll never achieve what you could by telling your story in a way that appeals to clients.

So, having the two of these operating together must make for better business.

This blog is a handy resource for everything that we learn and tech about achieving better partnership between sales and marketing, through our work with sellers in the Australian technology marketplace.



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