How you can use a CRM to fix your broken sales process

Posted by Paul Rosham on 05/03/2018 8:29:00 PM

Over time, companies can lose their way in sales.

"We have a CRM!" they exclaim, "We just need more quality leads that we can sell to - it's as simple as that!".

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Topics: Sales Process, CRM

SMARKETING - Smart Marketing or Sales and Marketing?

We think both

Without sales, marketing achieves nothing. And without marketing, you'll either kill your salespeople, or you'll never achieve what you could by telling your story in a way that appeals to clients.

So, having the two of these operating together must make for better business.

This blog is a handy resource for everything that we learn and tech about achieving better partnership between sales and marketing, through our work with sellers in the Australian technology marketplace.



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