In sales, timing is everything

Posted by Paul Rosham on 22/08/2017 10:06:00 AM
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In sales, timing is everything. Especially when engaging a prospect to see if they would make a good prospect for your business.

Timing is everything in the sales process. Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

You need to choose a perfect time to call a prospect.

When they're thinking about an important problem they want solved and are searching for the information or provider to help them solve it.

So, as a brilliant seller, you can judge the exact right time to connect with them and let them in on your unique insight on that exact problem!

  • You give them a unique new way to get to work and make progress.
  • You even suggest a way that they can make themselves look better to their boss and get a raise!

BOOM! That's perfect - sounds like a new customer sign-up!

Right message, Right time, Right delivery.

OK, I tricked you - timing is useless if your sales strategy forgot to some sales playbooks for each step in the process.

Dammit, preparation is everything!

So how are you going to prepare a great sales process (and tools) to give your salespeople perfect timing.

Even if they prospect isn't actively researching.

Your sellers need to have all of the information that shows that if prospect is interested and researching.

They'll need some great plays in a playbook to help them engage the right prospects. Even if that prospect needs to be drawn in to a new offering that they've never seen before.

The right message for your sales pitch

Knowing what is compelling to your customer depends on how they are thinking about their own problems at any point in the conversation.

  • Do they even have the problem that you help with?
  • Can they see how your valuable help would be a good way to solve it?
  • Do they they believe that you can do what you say?
  • Are they getting a good deal from you?

Unless you are prepared to guide someone down this path, then your sales strategy needs some work.

The Right Time to make contact to get a response

When do you know it's the right time to ask a question that you need answered for your sales process to progress? When you've established the right to ask - when you've demonstrated that you are worthy of getting the answer!

Once you've spent some time thinking about how you can establish an interchange of information, your customer will understand that by giving you an answer, they are getting some value in return.

There are a range of sales tools to help you get the timing right, so that you can streamline your interaction with your prospects, but without rethinking your approach from top to bottom, you'll get the timing wrong more times than right. [See here for some hints]

Think of it like offering a cupful of water out of a bucket to your prospect to drink. Every time have some value to give to the conversation, it's like putting in an extra cupful.

As your prospect offers you qualifying information, they are filling the bucket, too.

If you and your prospect can both drink as you like, then you'll get a new customer at the end.

If you run out of water from drinking too much yourself, they'll probably move on.

The Right Delivery

Write it down, practice how you speak. Video it. Podcast it. Write an Ebook. Write a blog post.

Just get it out there.

How do you get it right? Collect some data, adjust to improve, repeat.

Use your sales process to work out when to use each message. Make sure that your marketing process matches up (then, you'll deal with leads that are starting to "get" you). 

It's a lot of work, but as the IT marketplace is changing, you need to use a sophisticated approach.

Seems to make sense?

If you think it is a big job to organise your sales team (or just yourself) like this, then you are dead wrong. There are some excellent steps that you can take, quickly, to get results.

Consider how you are collecting and managing your customer data, and build a sales dashboard.
Start to bring the data together, make sense of it, then make decisions.
Assemble your sales process - the guidance that you need when you are thinking "how can I improve my sales?"

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SMARKETING - Smart Marketing or Sales and Marketing?

We think both

Without sales, marketing achieves nothing. And without marketing, you'll either kill your salespeople, or you'll never achieve what you could by telling your story in a way that appeals to clients.

So, having the two of these operating together must make for better business.

This blog is a handy resource for everything that we learn and tech about achieving better partnership between sales and marketing, through our work with sellers in the Australian technology marketplace.



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